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What is happening in the world of wearables?

Why we are intrigued by the new health features of Apple Watch 3

46% of people have a chronic condition that affects their daily life: heart conditions, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s, COPD … you name it. Besides medication, there aren't many solutions available today to help manage their condition. Wearables have an immense potential to fundamentally change that.

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Byteflies nominated for Belcham "Most Promising Company of the Year" award 2017

A good reason to go to the Belcham Gala in NY

We are honoured to be nominated by Belcham as one of the 3 companies to become the 'most promising company of the year'. With Showpad being the previous winner and Sparkcentral and Datacamp being the other nominees, we are in great company for this prestigious award. 

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Byteflies Wearable Device Survey

We asked people who visited our website or conference booth about synchronization of multiple physiologic signals, the type of data they would like to access and -last but not least- which physiologic sensors were most important to them.

Here are the results!
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Wearables in Healthcare: Hype or (almost a) Reality?

Wearables and wearable health. If the current level of media attention is anything to go by, you should take notice. With a less than understated sense for hyperbole, stakeholders are declaring wearables, continuous diagnostics, precision medicine, and -by association- all of healthcare as the Next Big Thing they will tackle. Everybody, from tech juggernauts to small startups are racing to be ahead of the pack. But ahead in what exactly? As they will be happy to explain -present company...

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Belgian-American start-up Byteflies develops wearable technology for UCB collaboration project

San Francisco, Calif., August 16, 2017 – Byteflies, the Belgian-American start-up company, and aspirational leader in wearable health solutions, is partnering with the biopharmaceutical company UCB to monitor difficult to measure seizures experienced by people with epilepsy.

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SeizeIT wearable seizure detection equipment aims to give epilepsy patients more control over their daily lives

Technological innovation is at the forefront of a drive towards individualization of care in epilepsy – an integral element in improving the experience of people with epilepsy and hopefully improving their day to day lives.

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Say Goodbye to the Old Fly

Since the start of Byteflies, 2 years ago, strong and talented people have joined the team and we have grown as a company. Therefore, the time was right to do a restyle with a new logo and website. Stay tuned if you want to know what we are doing as we plan multiple updates and insights on our website in the future.

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