Byteflies at the Metro Marathon Düsseldorf.

Byteflies has recently partnered with the German chemical and consumer goods giant Henkel, smart sole company ARION, and applied electronic expert QUAD, to track a series of physiological signals in 16 participants of the Metro Marathon in Düsseldorf, to take place on April 28, 2019, using Byteflies' sensor dots .

The goal is to monitor these runners and their preparation towards the marathon. This 24/7 tracking includes their training sessions, with jointly created ECG Health Patches for a period of 12 weeks, and their performance during the marathon.

This newly developed Health Patch is the result of a cooperation for which Byteflies provided the design and hardware, with Henkel's medical glue and QUAD's connectivity and printing supplies. Through these efforts, Byteflies aims to validate its signal tracking capacity and provide significant insights in athletes' physical condition.

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During the training period, Byteflies will track and measure runners' heart activity, respiration and movement. In order to maximize their journey, a professional coach, Jos Maes assisted by Tomas Valcke, will keep track of the progress of every day training. In this way we enrich the health data from the Health Patch with GPS data from a personal smartwatch and Step data from ARION’s smart sole. All participants will use the runner app Strava to record their trainings and be provided of a weekly report.


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At the kick off event last January, we met the 16 participants at the running track, to present the Health Patches, and brief them with all necessary training information. The participants are a mix of average, beginners and professional runners. Some of them will be closely followed up, including Byteflies's own Hans Danneels and Niels van Thienen. We're excited to see their performance results!


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