Byteflies works with Google to bring Machine Learning to its Wearable Health Platform

San Francisco/Antwerp, November 1, 2017 – Byteflies, the Belgian-American wearable health startup, was selected to join the Google Launchpad Studio program. After launching their wearable health Exploration Kit last month, the company will work together with Google to generate medical insights from the raw sensor data.

"Byteflies is 1 of 4 startups selected for the first ever edition of Google Launchpad Studio"


Byteflies enables wearable health development

Wearables will have an incredible impact on healthcare: from monitoring chronic conditions, to continuous patient follow-up, increased speed of drug development, and the generation of new disease insights. However, many companies struggle to bring an idea to a medically-relevant and market-ready  application.

To mitigate this bottleneck, Byteflies developed a hardware-software platform for wearable health development. At the core of the platform is Sensor Dot, a powerful and modular wearable that can measure any vital sign, anywhere, anytime. Machine learning is imperative for transforming these raw data streams into actionable, personalized, and medically-relevant data.

“Two key components are needed to establish the importance of wearables in healthcare: high quality vital sign data and medical insights gleaned from those vital signs. Our versatile and modular Byteflies Sensor Dots take care of the first. With Google Launchpad, we can achieve the latter by working with the best machine learning experts in the world”, says Hans Danneels, CEO and co-founder of Byteflies.

Google launchpad: working with the experts

Google launchpad studio is a 6 month program, tailor-made to the participating startups, that is bringing together experts from across Google products and research teams. “The technical and business plans for all candidates were vetted by Google and industry specialists. We are excited to work with Byteflies. They share our vision of applying machine learning to enable new applications in the healthcare industry ”, says Malika Cantor, Global Lead at Google Launchpad Studio.