Google Launchpad Studio program has lift-off!

The kick-off week for the first edition of the Google Launchpad Studio program in San Francisco is officially over, but we're only getting started! In case you missed the original announcement, Byteflies is one of four startups selected to participate in Launchpad Studio, a Google acceleration program for applied machine learning.

So what are we doing there? Sensor Dot allows anybody to record multiple vital signs continuously at very high resolution. With that level of data ingestion comes a great need for automated data processing. Machine learning (ML) will help us take this hurdle by transforming the raw sensor data into actionable and personalized insights for a wide variety of medical applications. Over the next few months, we will be engaging with various Google teams to build an ML pipeline that can scale from low-power devices all the way up to cloud systems to complement our signal processing efforts. Eventually, we'll incorporate it into the Byteflies platform so our users can continue to focus on what really matters: the end-application and patients.

We want to thank the Studio team again for their incredible commitment, as well as everybody who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us. Stay tuned for another update early next year!