From Idea to Prototype: With Byteflies

UGent students share the process and results of their prototype (Fitflies)
developed using the Byteflies platform.


The original idea started with a broad application of integrating biosensors into the context of sports and well-being to improve sports performance, management of athletes and trainer follow-up. While the specific applications of biosensors in the sports industry range vastly, considering the above goals, the students at UGent began to narrow their application focusing solely on revalidation. In collaboration with Move2Cure, a case was built to improve the measurement of recovery for patients suffering from knee injuries.


The UGent student project resulted in the prototype Fitflies. We are proud to have had the opportunity to be involved in such a successful interpretation of what the Byteflies platform is capable of. The students reciprocated the fruitful partnership stating that they enjoyed the opportunities and possibilities that Byteflies allowed in the process of figuring out ideas for the product. Check out the Fitflies project film below and get inspired to turn your idea into a prototype and, further, into a reality that improves the future of health today!