Wearable health: taking care beyond the clinic

Is the tech ready to drive a revolutionary shift in healthcare – or vice-versa?

The medical field is perfectly capable of identifying needs and problems within healthcare. An exhaustive list of which would be, well, exhausting to even think about. Focusing rather on the overall model, the system suffers from a general lack of efficacy and efficiency. The weight that aging populations and chronic diseases are placing on healthcare are mounting and necessitate an urgent reaction. Technology has the ability to provide a solution but a joint med-tech effort is essential.

At Byteflies, we hold this idea very dear when developing new wearable health solutions. To be medically relevant, wearable health devices must not only provide high quality, accurate medical insights, they must do so in a user-friendly package. Furthermore, enabling continuous physiologic monitoring is just the first step. When developing analytics to convert all this data into clinical trial and medical insights, a continued interaction with medical professionals is needed to focus on the right issues.

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